Enhancing regional capacity to integrate newcomers

And co-creating a welcoming community for all in Peel region

Afghan Initiative

In Peel, the regional government and the Peel Newcomer Strategy Group have been convening a resettlement support working group to focus on coordination of supports

Ukraine Support

Peel Newcomer Strategy Group has compiled the federal, provincial and regional supports available for displaced Ukrainians arriving in Canada

Professional Development

PNSG sources sector experts and facilitators to offer virtual professional development sessions to the staff with a focus on prioritizing capacity-building and learning opportunities.

Hands together

Peel Immigration
Web Portal

The Peel Immigration Web Portal is Peel Region’s one-stop for settlement information — what you need to know before you arrive, to live, learn and work here.

Diverse faces

Need to locate
newcomer services?

Find a variety of priority newcomer services near you by using the Community Services Map. Select the services your require, whether language, employment, counselling, healthcare or others.

Charts on iPad

Need newcomer data?

The Newcomer Profile Tool provides useful information and data to those looking to find out more about the Region of Peel, Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga and the people that call the region home. It provides frequently used data from the 2016 Census in a more user-friendly format than spreadsheets. The tool was created by the Peel Data Centre.


PNSG publishes reports on community consultations and research that identify newcomer settlement priorities, issues and trends and help decision-makers make evidence-based decisions that influence community efforts to integrate newcomers:

Regional Accountability Models for Settlement in Peel

PNSG was one of the Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) selected by IRCC to develop a regional model through a robust community consultation process. IRCC was interested in funding the development of models of community-based plans that support the understanding that newcomer settlement and integration occurs locally, and that decision-making at the local level may improve the effectiveness of service delivery, leading to better outcomes for newcomers.

2023 Newcomer Mental Health and Wellness Report

The report focuses on the role that settlement sector can play in supporting mental health of newcomers. The report synthesizes stakeholder insights, including short-term counsellors from Peel’s settlement sector, and identifies key issues related to settlement service delivery and the mental health needs of clients. It highlights innovations and opportunities for greater connection among various service providers.

2019 Report on Peel Newcomers

The report paints a broad picture of newcomer settlement in Peel, compiling current census data, longitudinal immigration database, informal settlement study data and results from a 2018 PNSG survey of settlement service providers, describing Peel newcomer settlement priorities. The report suggests how these findings should influence local settlement and integration efforts for greater efficacy and impact.


Peel Newcomer Strategy Group (PNSG) is a local immigration partnership that helps coordinate services and supports for newcomers in strategic ways. The goal is to make a collective impact or improvement for newcomers in Peel region. We are guided by a Central Planning Table (CPT), which serves as a strategic advisory body, that outlined five original priorities in 2020 has evolved to include:
1. Mental health
2. Healthcare
3. Digital Equity & Inclusion
4. Amplifying the voice of newcomers
5. Regional Accountability Models for Settlement