Success for Newcomers, Immigrants & Refugees

A coordinated and collaborative strategy for the community of Peel

PNSG actively engages and brings together multiple stakeholders from all sectors to address the need of newcomers, immigrants and refugees.

PNSG is the Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) in Peel designed to develop a coordinated and integrated settlement services model to enhance the social and economic inclusion of newcomers, immigrants and refugees to the Peel community.

LIPs are community-based partnerships that foster foster local engagement of service providers and other institutions with newcomers. They support community based knowledge sharing, and improve coordination of services that facilitate the settlement and integration services.





Our Core Functions:

Hands together

Service Integration

To streamline and steer the process of Service Access Coordination of newcomer services.

Diverse faces

Collective Impact

No single organization can create large-scale, lasting social change alone.

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Research & Data

Statistics and data trends around the successful inclusion of newcomers in the Peel community.

PNSG’s Reports

PNSG publishes reports on community consultations and research that identify newcomer settlement priorities, issues and trends and help decision-makers make evidence-based decisions that affect community efforts to integrate newcomers: 

2018-2019 Collective Impact Report

Our annual report describing our efforts to enhance the inclusion of Peel newcomers in partnership and collaboration with partners and stakeholders.

2019 Report on Peel Newcomers

One publication compiling current census data, longitudinal immigration database and informal settlement study data and results from a 2018 PNSG survey of settlement service providers, describing Peel newcomer settlement priorities.

Peel-Halton Settlement Planning Day 2018 report

PNSG co-hosted a full-day IRCC consultation with more than 100 settlement stakeholders to identify service gaps and issues.