Health care is top of mind and research is underway for this strategy priority. An advisory committee of healthcare practitioners, settlement agencies and government healthcare stakeholders was formed in March 2023 to support the writing of a report on refugee healthcare access. 

A quantitative analysis using Statistics Canada datasets such as Canadian Community Health Survey, the Longitudinal Immigration Database and the Census is being conducted to explore healthcare use trends amongst newcomer populations, established immigrants and Canadian-born individuals. This data, along with qualitative interview data collected through discussions with refugees, frontline healthcare providers and healthcare policymakers will be the foundation of the research. 

The refugee healthcare report will identify inequities in refugee health and mental health outcomes and the needed support for health promotion and care access in Peel region.  

The advisory committee will guide the work, giving feedback on case studies, access challenges, examine relevant models and tools, and support the development of recommendations targeted at policy and planning entities, among other stakeholders. 

The report is on track to launch in spring of 2025.