Settlement Sector Consultation Reports

2023 IRCC Action Days Report

The annual IRCC Action Days, held on November 2 and 3, 2023, focused on the progress since a year where action was taken on the two priority areas identified by the Peel-Halton Settlement Partnerships Executive Council members in 2022 — Staff support and retention & Improving digital service delivery collaboratively.

2022 IRCC Action Days Report

The 2022 IRCC Action Days saw presentations on iCare and OCASI Client Management System (OCMS), digital skills development for staff, social service and cultural competency trainings. The discussions focussed on developing pathways for data insights, strengthening staff capacity, creating online collaborative spaces, pay equity for the sector, and digital skills development for staff.

2022 IRCC Planning Days Report

In February 2022, PNSG hosted a roundtable of newcomer and settlement support agencies in the Peel and Halton regions. Representatives from across the IRCC-funded settlement sector provided key recommendations, broadly situated in a pandemic and post-pandemic context, and focussed on strengthening staff capacity, enhancing collaboration and information sharing, and innovations on digital access.

2021 IRCC Planning Days Report

PNSG hosted an online consultation with almost 100 IRCC-funded stakeholders to document and celebrate the resilience of the settlement sector after a transformative year, as well as identify planning priorities: enhancing service capacity; leveraging technology more effectively; IRCC operational supports; and increased immigrant admissions.