Service Delivery Network

Service Delivery Network (SDN) is an incubator of settlement-service innovation and a collaborative convened and supported by Peel Newcomer Strategy Group. This working group is comprised of settlement leaders and community partners committed to strengthening service coordination and planning across the region as well as ensuring accessible, client-centred services for all newcomers.

The group meets monthly to share sector updates as each member sits on multiple federal, provincial, regional and organizational level tables. The meeting discussions are focused on sharing ideas for improving service delivery in the region and building partnerships to learn from each other’s experiences. Recently the group has been focusing on optimizing digital service delivery within the settlement sector.


Caledon Community Services
Indus Community Services
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
Malton Neighbourhood Services
Peel Children’s Aid Society
Peel Multicultural Council
Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services
Punjabi Community Health Services