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2019 Report on Peel Newcomers

March 2019

In 2018, PNSG conducted two IRCC-sponsored community consultations with local stakeholders, as well as an online survey of local settlement service providers. We also commissioned two pieces of research: a longitudinal immigration database study examining the inward and outward flows of Peel immigrants and their participation in the labour market; and a novel study of informal (i.e., non-service provider) settlement supports. Collectively, the data, insights and recommendations gathered across these sources contribute to an updated, comprehensive and holistic picture of newcomers in Peel, and the report suggests how these findings should influence local settlement and integration efforts for greater efficacy and impact.

Report from the settlement-focused IRCC Planning Day for Peel & Halton

October 2018

PNSG partnered with Halton Newcomer Strategy to coordinate a large-scale consultation attended by more than 100 settlement professionals from across Peel and Halton regions. The event aimed to identify gaps in services and critical needs facing the settlement sector – all to inform IRCC’s 2019 call-for-proposals process.

his report features findings and content from the Planning Day: four community recommendations (regarding employment, mental health, system level navigation and service-provider capacity-building); regional snapshots of newcomer data and trends; as well as local newcomer insights organized by municipality.

Report from the multi-stakeholder IRCC consultation for Peel & Halton

October 2018

To complement the large, settlement-focused Planning Day, PNSG partnered with Halton Newcomer Strategy once more to coordinate a multi-stakeholder consultation that featured a wider diversity of local stakeholders, including a lived-experience panel comprised of newcomers. The consultation adhered to a framework and format that IRCC applied in similar regional consultations held across the country.

Peel stakeholders highlighted the need to build capacity to establish cross-sector partnerships and measure impact, while also developing supports for specific newcomer segments and strengthening the voice of the newcomer.